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H2C Dance Company Portfolio

Big Ideas Start Small


Music Concerts , Dance Battles , Theatre Productions , Product Launch , Events & Concept Productions.

Exhibition of top notch dance craft through showcases and performances to deliver significant messages while entertaining the various audiences to the max


Youth Outreach Programs , Charity Showcase Fundraising performances , Rotary Cancer Run Activations , Relief programs & Schemes to Care Centres or persons

We work in partnership with Arts and Heritage institutions as well as artists to develop programmes that promote diversity in the workforce and expand audiences in respect to our mission HERE 2 CHANGE

Commercial Advertisements / Arts & Sponsorships

TV Commercials & Influncer Campaigns

Commercial Use of our image in any manner primarily directed toward commercial advantage , advertising , marketing or monetary compensation using any form of art we see fit


The Dance Drive with H2C

The Dance Drive is a talk show that covers significant topics cutting across all industries and giving a platform for new talent on the rise to bring about positive change in the community

Dance Class

Let Loose Dance Class

This is a dance program that was started in 2017 in order to develop peoples physical health , emotional maturation , social awareness & cognitive development through music , rhythm & beat where students have a better understanding of spatial relationships and learn to think with both sides of their brain.Let Loose is embedded with learning , growth & exercise dancing which will reduce your stress levels , improved relaxation , stronger bones , muscles ,weight control and a healthier brain.

Music Promotion 

An eco system that uses dance to promote and distribute Music digitally on different social media platforms creatively over a period of time to vast audiences held by our team of amazing dance influencers .

Mentorship & Training for Dance Artists 

A defined Education system to train dancers and dance teachers the arts in the right way and guide them as they grow through the industry with mentorship programs by H2C Dance Company as an umbrella for their talent 


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